Welcome to my blog! After years of working on social media and sharing my love of health, fitness, holistic beauty and fashion, I’ve decided to create a blog where I can keep all of the things I love and want to share all in one place.

For those fo you new to me, some of my proudest accomplishments are that I’m a Master Trainer and the creator of the Hourglass Workout, Internationally acclaimed gym franchise just for women.

My work as a trainer has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Elle Magazine, E! Entertainment, etc. I’ve had the opportunity to grace the cover of many magazines with my most recent being the cover of Oxygen Magazine.

I’m also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with an internationally syndicated television show, Body Fuel where I show healthy cooking made easy.

I love fashion and as a curvy girl, I understand that we can’t dress the same way as our slim sisters as it may make us look boxy or heavier than we are. I love to show style done to emphasize curves without looking trashy. I know my fellow curvy girls out there can relate to this struggle, lol.

I enjoy staying on top of the latest in beauty, (and am a closeted avid make up enthusiast.) I love trying all of the latest and greatest in beauty treatments and spas. I am asked about my beauty regime daily basis on my social media, so I’m excited to share my honest thoughts and feedback on make up, treatments and holistic beauty.

I love to travel and am lucky to have the opportunity to see the world through work as I’m around the world for photo-shoots and my Hourglass Workout Fitness Tour. I’d love to share my travel experiences with you on healthy travel, best hotels, spas, packing tips and more.

I’m excited to share my love of life and interact with you on the blog. Please feel free to engage with me here, ask questions, share posts you like with your friends and send requests of what you’d like to see featured.

Thank you so much for joining me here. Let’s have some fun.

Much love,


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