Beauty Products Every Girl Needs: 10 Products I can’t Live Without!

I wanted to share my current beauty favorites with you guys. My favorites are not just makeup, it’s a list of everything from holistic beauty products, makeup, hair, favorite beauty mirrors and even my favorite phone case to make my selfies cuter.

I hope you enjoy this video, if you do, please comment below to let me know if you’d like to see more of this type of thing.

*Disclaimer* Although the items below are  what I personally use and genuinely like, please note this post uses Amazon Associates and contain affiliate links. This mean a small commission gets paid out based on sales made through the link. I am otherwise in no way paid or sponsored to endorse the products listed below.

10 Beauty Products Every Girl Needs!

Simply Human Sensor Mirror – Sensor-Activated Lighted Vanity Mirror

  1. This mirror lights up my face perfectly! I’ve found that you need to have the right light for makeup… my bathroom light is to “yellow-eee” so I use this mirror for applying makeup. The cool thing about it is that it senses when you are close and automatically lights up! (See my demo in my Youtube Video). I charge it every two weeks! Simple Human Sensor Mirror September Beauty Products

    Micro bladed Eyebrows

    I got these done at a local beauty spa called Ritual.  Micro blading is when your eyebrows get “tattooed” with ink so they become relatively permanent. It is a great way to fill in brows. I am not particularly good at doing brows so micro blading was a good choice for me! Please note that all micro blading technicians are the same. Seek out one with experience and with good referrals! beauty products every girl needs

    Melanie Mills Gleam On The Go

    I use this on top of my tan to give a natural glow. You can use this on your face and all over your body. beauty products every girl needs

    Sally Hansen Tanning Spray

    This is the ultimate tanning solution! It will give you the perfect  bronz-ee tan! I use a buff pad to smooth out the tan so it is evened out. beauty products every girl needs

    Mama Life Shea Butter:

     Mama life honestly has the best shea butter. What I like about it is its scent! It smells so very good. It is a Grade A shea butter, chemical free and completely natural. I am big on not putting crap on my body! Your skin is your biggest organ so best to avoid chemical ridden lotions. Shea butter in particular is great for helping with stretch marks and can help with anti aging! beauty products every girl needs

    Kevin Murphy Shampoo For Blondes

    This year I got introduced to “purple” shampoo and conditioner by Kevin Murphy. It is a God send for my hair! It keeps my colour … no more looking brassy!  This is good for anyone who has chemically treated hair. Chemically treated hair often oxidizes in the sun. The purple shampoo adds purple colour to neutralize the colour. Use it on clean hair and skip your conditioner! You wanna leave it in for about 2 to 5 minutes… beauty products every girl needs

    Cake Dry Leave In Conditioner

    Dry shampoo is great as a leave in conditioner. There are both powdered and spray one you can use. Make sure to blend it in so it doesn’t look like you have a whole bunch of white products in your hair!beauty products every girl needs

    Jason Natural Tooth Paste

    The reason I use this toothpaste it because it is fluoride and sugar-free. Studies show that fluoride may be more harmful to us than initially thought… I even have a filter for my tap water to avoid excess fluoride. beauty products every girl needs

    Organic Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil can help with dandruff and dry hair. You can also use coconut oil to make your own deodorant and as a skin moisturizer. You can even use it for oil pulling! I get the extra virgin as it the purest and the healthiest to use. beauty products every girl needs

    Lumee LED Light Case

    Ok… this one almost needs no explanation! I love, love, love my Lumee case! It lights up my face perfectly while I am snap chatting or taking pics with my phone! beauty products every girl needs


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